Chargeback Prevention

built specifically for DIRECT RESPONSE marketers.

Introducing Overwatch Secure™
cut your chargebacks in half

Overwatch Secure™

pre-authenticates transactions with the issuing banks to provide protection against fraudulant chargebacks without affecting conversion rates. More specifically, with Overwatch Secure™, you are protected from all chargebacks with the reason codes 83, 75, 4837, 4863, and 4849.

Overwatch Secure™
maintains conversions

Overwatch Secure™ saves you $7 for every $1 spent
yielding you a 700% ROI

  • Reduce your average discount rate
  • Reduce your month-end chargeback fees by 50%
  • Reduce the total number of chargebacks you need to dispute each month

How Effective is Overwatch Secure™?

What is Overwatch Secure™?

Overwatch Secure™ is a chargeback prevention system built specifically for direct response marketers that cuts chargebacks in half with zero impact to conversions.

Why a reservation system?

In order to provide a robust, world-class chargeback prevention system, we are filling reservations on a first-come, first-serve basis. We are working as hard as we can to get Overwatch Secure™ into everyone's hands quickly.

How long is the wait?

We can't say how long it will take you to get access, but we will get you set up as soon as we can.


Please fill out the form below and we'll reserve your spot in the waitlist.